The Best in Bathroom Removal Services

Do you need fast and efficient bathroom removal services? There’s only one name to turn to for rapid bathroom removals. In name and nature, you can rely on Rapid Stripped to rapidly and expertly strip your bathroom and floor removal needs.

Bathroom Tile Removal at Top Speed

Bathroom tiles that are set in their way are no match for our bathroom tile removal services at Rapid Stripped. We’ll get the job done effortlessly and quickly, most times within the same day. That’s our promise to you, wherever applicable.

Bathroom tile removal can be stressful. But our ultimate aim is for “maximum efficiency and minimal disruption” with all of our expert bathroom tile removals.

Bathroom Floor Coverings Removed with Ease

Your stubborn bathroom floor coverings are no match for our team of flooring removal specialists. We remove all types of bathroom floor coverings, including ceramic tiles, timber floors, vinyl, terracotta, slate, carpet, marble, granite, paints and epoxy.

As for the finishing touches, sit back and breathe easy. We also remove all rubbish, leaving your space ready to work in or be worked on. Our services in tile stripping and timber stripping are the complete package, delivering total satisfaction.

Rapid Stripped is also fully insured, covering our services for public liability, workers’ compensation and white card health and safety.

About Us

Rapid Stripped is the best in the business for bathroom removal services. We provide the highest level of service — with more than 15 years of experience in domestic, commercial and industrial bathroom removal services.

Our mantra is not just a catchphrase. When we say you will receive “maximum efficiency and minimal disruption”, that’s our promise to you. It doesn’t matter how big a job your bathroom tile removal or bathroom removal services requirements are. You can take us at our word. Rapid Stripped always endeavours to get the work done the right way — first time, every time.

You can also count on our expert team to complete most jobs within a day. Whether our bathroom removal services are for your home or business (commercial or industrial), you can expect rapid bathroom removal services with Rapid Stripped.

We also pride ourselves on providing the highest standards. Rapid Stripped continuously strives for a level of perfection. Trust us to use only the highest quality filtration equipment to limit dust exposure to commercial standards.

Contact Us

Contact us online today at Rapid Stripped or call us on 0491 888 004 for a no-obligation quote. Discover the winning difference in bathroom removal service, floor stripping, preparation, cleaning and so much more at Rapid Stripped.

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